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Madame Kuony’s Kitchen

Madame Kuony's Demonstration Kitchen


Located on the Market's second level, this state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen was dedicated in loving memory of Madame Liane Kuony by her devoted culinary students.


A pioneer of organic cooking, Madame Kuony's life long mission was educating her students and the world of the benefits of using only organic and genetically unmodified ingredients.


Madame Kuony was the proprietor of Postilion Restaurant - School of Culinary Arts & Studio of Interior Design. She was renowned for her unwavering high standards, sense of style and her ever present hat. She possessed heartfelt appreciation for family, friends, students, artisans, nature and animals. Madame Kuony will be remembered best for her energetic spirit and passion for life.


Cooking Classes


Madame Kuony's Kitchen plays host to an ongoing selection of diverse cooking classes. The classes are taught by many of the Market vendors and the area’s top Chefs and instructors. Everyone is welcome to participate! From beginner to seasoned veteran, the class offerings are sure to appeal to students of all levels! All classes are demonstration format, unless otherwise specified, and include printed recipes and tastings of each dish.


Upcoming Classes



Monday thru Friday: 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 7 pm     Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm
Early Open Hours: Weekdays at 7 am Coffee & C. Adams Bakery;

Foltz Family Market & Margarita Paradise(8am)

Late Closing Hours: Thief Wine open til 9pm - Thus, Fri & Sat