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Featured Market Class


My Key West Kitchen w/ Norman & Justin Van Aken,

  Sunday, November 11th, 1:30 PM, $49 (Cost includes signed copy of My Key West Kitchen)

Join us as we welcome James Beard award-winning chef Norman Van Aken, along with his son and fellow-chef, Justin Van Aken, to celebrate the release of their widely acclaimed book, MY KEY WEST KITCHEN! Part cookbook, part travelogue, part memoir, the book follows Norman & Justin as they stroll through the streets of Key West, reminiscing & recreating dishes from "little joints," established restaurants, and from the kitchens of friends and family past & present!

Attendees will receive a personally autographed copy of My Key West Kitchen. Plus a personal cooking demo from Justin & Norman. What's on the menu:  "Woman Gone Crazy" Bloody Mary * Caramelized Plantain Soup w/ Smoked Ham & Sour Cream! * "Mollete" Sandwiches * Black Betty's Pan-Cooked Yellowtail w/ Yellow Rice, Black Beans & Old Sour Key Lime Magic * Rhum Cake

"Norman Van Aken is the Walt Witman of American Cuisine" - ̶ Charlie Trotter


"My Key West Kitchen is a brilliant tour of one of the most special places in America...The cuisine of Key West is a delicious conflation of cultures that only Norman Van Aken, the king of the island, could adequately teach."

̶ Mario Batali


"Norman is one of the most gifted chefs I know and a dear friend. It's pretty incredible to get to see Key West through his and his son Justin's eyes..."

̶ Emeril Lagasse


Both L'Etoile Restaurant in Madison and La Merenda Restaurant in Milwaukee will be hosting separate events for Norman & Justin. A portion of the proceeds for these events will go to charity. 

SCHEDULING NOTE: The Packers have a bye on Nov 11th. Therefore, no football conflicts!

Select Dishes from My Key West Kitchen

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